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Y’know, the Justice League really needs a snappy battle cry like the Avengers. How else am I supposed to intro these?

The DCEU is a strange animal. Taking an approach that seems to almost be the reverse of Marvel’s, they’re throwing their flagship heroes together on-screen in this fall’s Justice League, before half of them have even made their isolated debuts. The hype is very real, but the fate of the endeavor rests on this movie’s shoulders. Things haven’t been going swimmingly, with an only lukewarm reception to most of the films so far, and only one of them receiving exceptionally wide praise. DC and Warner Bros. are really gunning to get butts in seats, this go-around. And this trailer is their final shot at securing some ticket purchases. So how is it?

Eh. There really isn’t anything especially mind-blowing about it. It’s all right. Nothing the first two trailers didn’t show us. Well… nothing but that opening bit, showing us Lois’s dream sequence. Clark’s return in this film is basically a given. Though his showing up and saving them all would pretty heavily undermine their efforts unless the entirety of their battle plan revolves around bringing him back. Thus their efforts wouldn’t be nullified by his return.

Aside from that, one thought I’ve maintained in all of these trailers is that you do get quite the sense of team synergy out of these guys. Think back to that first Avengers film. Obviously, the best part about that movie was the final battle. Getting to see all of our favorite heroes in the same shot was one thing, but getting to see how they worked together in battle made it even better. Thor and Hulk fighting on the back of that Chitauri eel thing? Awesome. Captain America reflecting one of IronMan’s repulsors with his shield for an area clear? Slick.


Justice League seems to be doing similar things, though I would say that some of it is a little less intricate. A lot of just tackling bad guys out of an ally’s way, or throwing Aquaman around. It’s cool to see, but I hope we get some more interesting team combos out of the actual film.

There is the question of what those Parademons were sent after when we first see them. There are obviously Amazons in one shot, but it looked like they were also attacking men in bizarre clothing. Obviously, there are no male Amazons. Atlanteans, perhaps?

That aside, I wasn’t overly fond of this trailer’s music choice. The music from the previous trailers was fine. This one just didn’t really match to me. And then there was the humor, which was fine. Though I think they may just be trying a little too hard to convince us that the movie’s fun. I’m also still on the fence about Cyborg. He just isn’t standing out much in any of the trailers. Regardless, I have high hopes for this one. Maybe it’ll deliver on its promise. Early buzz is coming back extremely positive. But the same could be said for some of their earlier endeavors too.

Justice League rises into theaters November 17.

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