A Certain Magical Overlord Academia! So much Anime Awesomeness! – Bulletoon Weekly

This is, uh… this is a good week for Rila. New seasons announced for so many AWESOME anime, all at once! It’s a dream come true! Which ones are you most looking forward to?

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
also on AstroPill

Check out their cover of Hametsu no Junjo!

Special Thanks To Our Awesome Patreon Sponsors!

Bernard Jerome McEntee Jr.
And all Anonymous Pledges!

Thanks for watching!

Men in Black spin-off
Hocus Pocus remake
Live-Action Your Name
Teen Titans GO! movie

Marvel Solicitations (September 27)
DC Solicitations (September 27)

My Hero Academia season 3
A Certain Magical Index season 3
Overlord season 2, Main Staff revealed
North American Anime, Manga Releases (September 24 – 30)

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