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After what seems like a long wait for more information, we finally have a release period for the second season of last year’s sweetest anime, Dagashi Kashi.

That’s right folks, at long last we know when to expect the next installment of Dagashi Kashi. It’ll be joining the Winter 2018 anime season in January. This follows the initial announcement in August, along with the news that a new character, Hajime Owari (Chinatsu Akasaki) would be joining the cast. Still no word on what role she’ll play just yet, but judging by the art I think it’s safe to assume she knows Hotaru.


With little else to go on, I’m left to speculate. Could Hajime work for Hotaru’s dad and, by extension, his company? Or could she be from a rival company, trying to pick up ‘s shop? The whole plot of the last one was for to leave and for Kokonotsu to “inherit” the shop. Of course, Kokonotsu is reluctant to do so (even though he’s good at it). So Hotaru undertakes an epic journey to convince him.

Adding another company would just keep the pressure building on Kokonotsu. That would make for some hilarious episodes. If she is just one of Hotaru’s friends, she might be an ally in the “perilous quest”. I personally hope she turns out to be from a rival company. That would make the “adventure” that much more outrageous. That would make Yō, Hotaru, Hajime, and Saya (kind of), all apart of the plot to make Kokonotsu take over the shop. I wonder how much more ridiculous this could get.

maxresdefault (15)

Either way, I’m expecting this season to be as, if not more hilarious than the last one.
I might’ve gotten a little bit obsessed. I watched this one multiple times, just for a good laugh. What are your thoughts on the new character? Do you think I’m way off? You wouldn’t be alone if you did. Tell me what you think and be sure to come back for more. That’s all I have today.

Dagashi Kashi’s January return is being helmed by Tezuka Productions, with Satoshi Kuwabara in the director’s chair.


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