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There’s something lame… in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call? SONY PICTURES!


Chris: Uh… Bob?

Bob: Yeah?

C: There’s, like… no news today.

B: Yeah… well… there is-

C: No.

B: Do you have a better idea?


B: We did just announce content being on the site daily.

C: …Fine. Tag-team.

B: Okay. SO. Remember how amazing that last Ghostbusters film was?

C: Me neither. Regardless, Sony has shown absolutely no signs of giving up since that travesty. Though it does amuse me that a sequel hasn’t been announced, despite their totally sequel baiting at the end of the last one. Yeah. As if that dumpster fire was ever going to be worthy of Zuul. But whatever.

B: They really oughtta quit while they’re behind. But it looks like they’re still going for that final gambit.

C: Please don’t make me think of movies I’d rather see get made.

B: In 2015 it was announced that Sony was developing an animated Ghostbusters movie. There still aren’t many actual details on it, though. There’s no release date, plot, anything. But it looks like there’s finally a little bit of context for what the movie’s aiming for. According to The Hashtag Show, the movie might actually be told from the perspective of the ghost. The Ghostbusters, themselves, would be supporting characters in the movie. It’s an idea that has a little bit of potential. It’s a perspective of the ghost could be pretty cool. Or it could be like a horror film, but for the ghost. Imagine a ghost being chased around by a bunch of humans, treating it like they’re running from some sort of slasher villain or something.

C: Bob. There’s 99.99% chance the ghost they’re talking about is going to be Slimer.

B: …I’m not getting my reverse Ghostbusters horror movie, am I?

C: No.

B: *sigh*

C: Yeah. Expect pretty much nothing but obnoxious gross-out humor and meaningless references. You know. Like that last paramount success.

B: Well, it could still be pretty decent.


C: Fine. To be completely fair, it could be. Sony is going for a callback to The Real Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80s and 90s. There’s a lot of potential there. Of course, there was a decent amount of potential last time, too, and uh…

B: Yeah… and seeing the only person attached to it so far is making me… a little nervous. Fletcher Moules is directing and animating it, and that’s literally the only person attached to it so far.

C: Moules has directed all of one time before, that being the Clash of Clans: Revenge short. He’s also been on the art department in a few movies. He handled props for The Matrix and Red Planet. He was the Art Director on Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace. So… there’s that. In fairness, that seems to be something of a trend at the moment. Picking up talent that hasn’t necessarily done a lot, and throwing them at big franchise movies. Patty Jenkins was essentially this for Wonder Woman. She’d done a few things, but nothing quite that enormous. And that movie turned out friggin’ amazing.

B: I guess only time will tell if this movie…

C: Don’t you dare.

B: Stands a ghost of a chance.

C: Done. We’re done. I’m out. Later, people.

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