Is It Evil? – Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode 8

Well, that was unexpected. This one I actually liked. So, just How Evil Is Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) Episode 8?

This episode starts with the team fighting… I thought this was over already, but apparently not. Well anyway, the team has returned to base with a seemingly empty cryo-pod. Upon opening the pod, Grimlock goes berserk and defeats the entire team by himself… Okay, what? Grimlock is a klutz, and how does a T-rex punch? I know, I know, “don’t pull that thread,” but seriously how?

After giving the entire team a faster can-kicking than all the previous bad guys, Grimlock escapes, taking Underbite’s pod with him. The team eventually recovers enough for Strongarm to say Grimlock has always been bad, and figure out where he went, proceeding to his location. On the way there Rusty confirms Grimlock is a victim, but can’t contact the team due to damage to the communications array. Meanwhile Strongarm is trying to convince the others to “deal” with Grimlock. Sideswipe rebuts that Grimlock wasn’t acting like himself. Then he and Bumblebee set off a trap that sends them plummeting down a cliff.

When they finally arrive, they are met by a familiar face, Steeljaw. Soon after arriving the team gets the call from Rusty and Fixit that Grimlock is being controlled by Minitron. Steeljaw doesn’t really fight, he lets Grimlock do it while complaining about how difficult the job is now. Grimlock rag-dolls Strongarm and Bumblebee at the same time. Kind of like what happened to Loki in the first Avengers film. This prompts Sideswipe to save them, letting Steeljaw escape with the cryo-pod. The team manages to hogtie Grimlock and after a hilarious scene of Minitron being the annoying bug he is, they manage to capture him.

I liked this episode a lot but, why is the team still fighting? They stopped fighting like this for a bit, but now it’s back. Also, although Grimlock beating the team was hilarious, I don’t really buy it. Grimlock is strong yes but, he is also very clumsy. It just seems a bit forced that he beat them when he is usually one of the first to get his can kicked, especially in T-Rex form. Overall this episode was hilarious. It seems like the writers might be letting loose a little. I would say this episode is about as evil as a Politician. Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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