Galvanic Post – 5/6/17

Greetings, geeks!

So here’s a few updates for ya.


I’m sure you’ve no doubt noticed some of the newer stuff we’ve been trying out, between the Riley Review we put out, and the Bulletoon Mini. Basically, we’re trying out new stuff that we can put on the YouTube channel, and site. Let us know how ya like it!

Everything else is basically the same as they were in the last update. A pause on gaming videos, ideas for a more regular Bulletoon-inspired comic, s’about it. Next!

Social Media

Nothing new on this front. The Facebook’s still on a hard pause, whereas Twitter is where the bulk of activity will be. We’ll likely look into getting someone for social media, just because none of us are really big on it. But nothing’s been decided, as of yet. If we did that, maybe we’d actually spread to other platforms as well – Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, etcetera.

Conventions & Events

Nothing much to report on this front, either. The probability is still high that I’ll be attending MegaCon, this May. The only thing to really update you on, here, is that I’ll likely have a few little trinkets (most likely stickers and/or postcards) on me to give out. I’ll be handing them to folks who express an interest in what we do.

Site Maintenance

A few minor updates, here, pertaining to edits to the site. We’ve updated the Staff Recruitment, Cons & Events, and Casting Call tabs in the Top Menu to be pages, rather than categories. This way instead of a new post every time we have something new, going on, we’ll just update that page. We’ll make the announcements proper in these Galvanic Posts, and give you links that shoot on over to those pages. Or you can check out said pages from the aforementioned Top Menu. Also went and added Bulletoon Mini, and Bulletoon Review categories under the Shows tab, and added Sharlenne to the Producers tab. Speaking of the Producers tab, we’re going to be updating them, soon-ish with new, unified images, and bios. Furthermore, we’ve removed the Twitch and Facebook links from the Galvanic Team tab, as neither of them are currently in use. We’ll restore them once we start using those tabs, again, but we’re trying to bring things ‘back to basics,’ in a sense. So we can focus on fewer things and not get bogged down by over-extending. Aaand, that’s it! There are still a few small edits to be made, but we’ll keep tweaking things as time goes on, and update you guys next month.


So here’s a big one. For the time being, we’re voiding the schedule. With the exception of Bulletoon, we’re not going to have set dates on things, for a while. Circumstances beyond our control continually muck with a large portion of our planned content. So while I will still aim for regular Thursday articles, I can make no promises. The same goes for Bob and Sharlenne, in their respective articles. Also, on the subject of my own articles, I’m sure there’s gonna be the question of Where Are They?! In reference to the fact that I haven’t written an article in a few weeks. I addressed the issue on twitter, but the short answer is that I took a break to A) focus on Bulletoon; B) dedicate more time to job hunting; and C) build up a backlog of articles on a number of comics, shows, and so-on. That way I can have a large portion of work done, and ready to go and not have to worry about losing momentum, every week, to rush a new one together. Articles from yours truly will return sometime in June. Thanks for your patience, on that.

The Wrap-Up

And that’s pretty much everything, folks. With all that said, thanks for reading, as always.

Keep up the awesome, and take care,
Chris V.

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