Is It Evil? – Samurai Jack (2017) Episode 7

The End Is Near! For Aku, apparently. The newest episode of Samurai Jack is out. Of course, there is but one question I must ask. How Evil is Samurai Jack Season 5 episode 7?

This episode had Jack trying to reclaim his lost sword through… meditation. Don’t worry it wasn’t boring. Jack’s ex-assassin friend did plenty of killing. In fact, she kills an entire army by herself. Just let that sink in, a little. At the end of the episode, Jack makes it very clear that he is going after Aku next. So, most likely this will end in 1-2 episodes judging by progression alone (Chris: Or ya could’ve looked up the official listing, to know it’ll end in 3, like those of us who write and edit a news show, every week =P).

This episode had a lot going for it. We finally see that the ex-assassin is indeed on par with Jack, we see Jack overcome his inner “demon,” which I must point out has been with him since season 1, and we see Jack restored to his original look. Overall I would say it maintains the Super Villain rating it started with. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will end. Let’s just hope the show ends as strong as it started. That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

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