Is It Evil? – Samurai Jack (2017) Episode 2

So, How Evil is Samurai Jack, Season 5, Episode 2? Don’t worry. No big spoilers.

After a glorious first episode, I expected things to get a little tense, but wow. The second episode was extreme in so many ways. For one, Jack got owned. Brutally. It was seven to one, and he’s faced worse odds, but he still got completely owned. And the worst part is that Aku doesn’t even seem to know of these assassins. It took the assassins one episode to do what Aku couldn’t in 4 seasons. Since I mentioned Aku, now might be the best time to talk about his first appearance in season 5. Aku seems to be suffering from depression because of Jack’s immunity to aging.

The show has gotten darker. A lot darker. If you want to know how dark, watch it yourself. Continuity wise, the show is on track. Even Aku’s new voice actor came close to his original voice (Chris: One should hope so. Dude’s been a Mako understudy since well before Mako died, and has been filling in roles for him for a while, now). So far I’d say this episode is Super Villain evil. And that’s all I have for you, today. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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