Galvanic Post – 2/25/17

Greetings, geeks!

Chris, here! And I’ve got a few updates for ya!


The first, and probably most obvious thing, is that Bulletoon hasn’t been strictly launching at 10am/EST, lately. Frankly, it’s just due to time constraints on myself, being the one who edits the bloody things. Let me just break this down for you. When it comes to writing Bulletoon, I literally start drafting the script the DAY a new episode is posted. I complete it any time between then and Monday, and hand the completed draft off to Mocha and Axus for the voice over. On average I have both sets of lines by Thursday. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. But when I get the lines has very little to do with when I start editing because I’m usually not free to do that until Friday night. AKA the night before the episode airs. On a good day, in which the edit is completely clean, has no need for re-rendering or retakes of any lines, the edit will take a minimum of 6 hours. By far the longest part of that is matching up the images to the voice lines. Because it requires my going through and essentially listening to the entire episode in pieces. Obviously even on that amount of time, sleep generally doesn’t happen on editing nights. And seeing as I really do need to start getting into a regular sleep rhythm again, I just decided “Screw it. I can’t do the whole 10am thing, right now. I just don’t have the time.” So for now, episodes still go up on Saturdays, with the exception of outstanding circumstances, but they’re not married to that time slot of 10am – 11am. Generally, I prefer to not upload things after 6pm, so generally if an episode doesn’t have a shot at being posted by then, I just hold onto it until Sunday.

Next up, gaming videos. Obviously we’ve taken a pause on these. And the reasons for that are various. Some of it just scheduling conflicts. We’re back to doing Overwatch videos and highlight reels and whatnot, but we’re going to be doing that with other series, too. We’re also waiting for a few art assets. Something to help us give the gaming vids a bit more of an identity. And last, but not least, I’m working on just getting more people willing to co-op some PS4 games that I would have any form of interest in, seeing as that’s my primary means of doing any of this. I’m not going to be getting a PC until I save up the money for one, which goes in in hand with the whole job-hunting thing. So it’ll be a while before we can really expand into that territory fully. For now think of the gaming videos as something we do for just… a hobby, really.

Lastly in content news, I’m secretly-not-secretly working on a few little comic projects. Obviously Bulletwin Tales isn’t a regular thing, but I even said that before. Those only happen when I get an idea for a new one. That being said, I have been sort of experimenting with the idea of creating sort of a larger Bulletwin comic series to accompany the tiny little comic strips. I’ve wanted to do a little more with those characters since they were introduced. And the personality breathed into them by their wonderful voice actresses has only further inspired me to pursue that route. For now a number of ideas are floating around, and no concrete ideas yet exist. It may have a plot, it may just be a Himouto! Umaru-chan style slice-of-life comedy. Not a clue. But we’ll see. And for those curious, no, Bulletwin Tales is not the only comic project I’m working on. Alas, you’ll have to wait a while yet to hear anything about the next one. I think it’ll indeed be worth the wait, though. Look forward to it.

Social Media

All right, so here’s a big one. You’ve not doubt noticed that the Facebook plugin is gone. There’s a fairly good reason for that, too. See, the way we handle the social media is that Bob handles Facebook, I handle the Twitter (and the deviantART, the Crunchyroll, and the not-yet-existent, but wholly inevitable Reddit, among other things). Unfortunately, Bob doesn’t have the time to dedicate to it, and I certainly don’t have the time to dedicate to managing both. Not only that, but Facebook is just… at the moment it isn’t even worth it, honestly. In our current stage, Facebook wouldn’t accomplish much of anything. So at the moment it’s superfluous. It hasn’t been deleted, so you can still access it, but it will likely remain inactive until such a point where Bob can dedicate the time to managing it, and its becomes a more viable resource.

Conventions & Events

So as I’d said before, one of our big pushes is going to be attendance at conventions and stuff. Nothing’s confirmed, just yet, but it looks like there’s a high probability of me attending this year’s MegaCon. I’m likely just gonna be browsing around the floor, buying some stuff, conversing with people at booths, and going to a few panels. If, for whatever reason, you spot and recognize me, feel free to say hi. If I snap out of the shock of anyone knowing who I am, I’ll gladly spare a few minutes to chat.

Site Maintenance

Another thing, which is a bit on the smaller side, would be the site domain. In case you’ve not noticed, the domain’s changed. We officially own the domain! Now, we don’t currently have a package that allows us to break into the CSS and fix that problem with the text. But that will definitely be a thing that happens, once we have a more steady flow of revenue. Unfortunately that text problem seems to have worked its way over to Chrome, and I can’t figure out why or how. Originally it didn’t exist on this browser, and now it seems to persist. It’s annoying, certainly, but eh. What can ya do? There are plans to go on and change the site’s theme, but we don’t want to do that until we upgrade. Pretty much every theme we could see ourselves using would require our breaking into the coding a bit to tweak some things, and make the site better suit our needs.


So there’s a significant update coming to our schedule, starting next week. Our initial schedule looked like this:

Sunday – Break
Monday – Break
Tuesdays – Bob Article

Wednesdays – Gaming Videos
Thursdays – Chris Article
Fridays – Bulletwin Adventures, (more soon)
Saturday – Bulletoon Weekly

Our new schedule, however, will involve a slight change. Starting next week, Fridays will also be seeing articles! And not written by Bob or myself, either. I alluded to this not long ago on Twitter, but we have a new person! Please welcome aboard the newest member of the Galvanic Team, Sharlenne! For full disclosure, we’ve actually known Sharlenne for a while. She’s an awesome writer. Trust me, you’ll be impressed. She likes Supernatural, anime, books, and ruthlessly conquering worlds, horribly punishing those who defy her. Also, cats. For the time being, expect her contributions to fall into the Flash Anime-tion category. But also look out for her own solo article series, in the future! Look forward to some awesome stuff from her!

The Wrap-Up

That’s everything, folks! Things are looking good, so far! Here’s hoping there’s a lot of awesome in our future. With all that said, thanks for reading, as always.

Keep up the awesome, and take care,
Chris V.

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