Is It Evil? – RWBY vol. 4

First, I want to apologize for not having an article last week. Somethings prevented me from consuming any new media well, this week that isn’t the case. RWBY Volume 4 has finally wrapped up and I got to watch it. I think you know what the question is by now right? How Evil is RWBY volume 4?

Summary time. Everyone is headed towards Mistral… That is pretty much as far as the main plot got, this volume. We did get some awesome storytelling and character development, but this volume was obviously meant to give the audience a brief break before another big confrontation. There are a few highlights. We got to meet Blake’s parents, who were charming. We witnessed Ren and Nora’s past, and the revenge that followed. And we saw Yang head out, ready to fight. But there is one more minor detail – Ozpin is still around, even after he, uh… “died.” You’re not getting any more about that unless you watch the volume. Chris I’m talking to you too.

Me? Boy, what’re you on about? I’d have throttled you from half a state away if you’d spoiled that. <_<

…Oh. Well, anyway, what should I rate this volume? Well, the storytelling has improved, and there were no senseless deaths, like in the last volume. On top of everything else, I mentioned new characters were introduced, like Salem’s group, and the big bad has allies. Overall I would say its about as evil as a Politician.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob

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