Teen Titans | RWBY | Fire Emblem – Bulletoon Weekly

On this episode of Bulletoon, Rila and Riley talk about the new Teen Titans animated movie on the way from DC, RWBY’s upcoming vol. 4 wrap, Nintendo’s upcoming Fire Emblem games, and more! Are you ready to Toon In?

Rila – Mocha Vampire

Riley – AxusX
also on AstroPill

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Bernard Jerome McEntee Jr.
David Robert DeGregorio
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Power Rangers trailer 2

Black Panther and the Crew
Monsters Unleashed
Paul Dini joins ‘Harley Quinn’ creative team
Marvel Solicitations (January 18)
DC Solicitations (January 18)

RWBY vol. 4 ending on Feb. 4, Vol. 5 premieres in the Fall
‘Yuki Yuni is a Hero’ season 2 slated for October
‘K: Return of Kings’ ends in February
‘Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches’ manga ends in February
Rei Hiroe’s ‘Re:Creators’ Anime gets Manga adaptation
‘My Monster Secret’ manga ends in February
‘Giant Killing’ manga resumes on January 26
North American Anime, Manga Releases (January 15 – 21)

Overwatch ‘Year of the Rooster’ Event
Fire Emblem Echoes & Fire Emblem Warriors
Injustice 2 Special Editions
Danganronpa Another episode slated for June
Aksys to release Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ PS4 game in North America in the Fall

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