Is it Evil? – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Uncharted – A series known for the main character’s wit, amazing story, and less than perfect gameplay. I’m not going into every game, I just want to know How Evil is Drake’s Fortune.

After getting the this is a great game series speech from my brother about ten times. I “decided” it would be in my best interest to try the Uncharted series. I guess it’s time for the summary huh? Well, the game follows Nathan Drake who may or may not be the descendant of Sir Francis Drake and he may or may not be a thief. Nathan finds a coffin that has clues to finding El Delrado only it’s not a city it’s a giant golden statue. Well turns out the treasure is cursed and tends to create zombie like creatures… yeah that happened. Nathan must ensure that El Delrado is never found but he does get a boatload of gold for his trouble so all good.

Okay, rating time! This one is a little harder for me. The Story is amazing. I haven’t played a game that made me laugh so hard in a while the banter between the characters is just perfect. The Plot while sometimes predicable was enjoyable my hang up is the game play. The platforming feels a bit shaky at times and no, it’s not just me Ryan had just as much trouble in his play through. The shooting is passable the clue system is useless. You’re better off memorizing the book that has subtle clues. I would love to give this game a high ranking but as it stands now it’s just Evil. Well that’s all for now thanks for letting me waste your time people.

Keep It Classy,
Evil Bob

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