Scripted Gaming – The World Could Always Use More Tracer

Oh the irony of this, uh…”article’s” title…

All right. I adore Tracer. She isn’t my favorite Overwatch character or anything. That honor goes to D. Va. But Tracer’s close. Really, really close… and over the past two days, I’ve grown tired of hearing about her. Really, really tired, in fact. So. I will be totally frank, and make this perfectly clear.



Tracer’s a lesbian. Aaand Twitter promptly exploded.

If you’re offended, get over it.

If you’re for it, cool. But for the love of all that is good, calm down. This type of thing won’t ever become normal if you explode with glee Every. Bloody. Time. This needs to become normal, so we’ll be able to stop making events out of it whenever it happens (or when any character pops up that isn’t a straight, white dude, for that matter) and everyone will finally be on even ground, like they should’ve been in the first place. Don’t over-inflate the story. It’ll backfire. Hard. It legitimately just creates more resistance. Also, spoiler alert: Tracer’s not the first LGBT game/comic character, and your not proclaiming it from the mountaintops won’t make her the last. This should be normal. So please treat it as if it already is.

And by the way. For anyone who saw this news, and said anything to the effect of “Wait, Tracer’s a lesbian!?”…


Dude. Blizzard’s about as subtle as a hydrogen bomb. Seriously.

Also: Is anyone else kinda sad (and surprised, based on how much attention Blizzard pays to its fanbase) they didn’t make PharMercy a legit thing instead? Just as a tangent, I kinda hoped it wouldn’t be Tracer, just so I could say they weren’t as predictable as I’d thought. I’d heard a few good arguments for Lucio, Pharah, and a couple others that could’ve worked, but whatevs. If any other part of this irritates me, it’s just that Tracer’s girlfriend isn’t actually a character in the game, so we won’t get to hear the banter. God, that’d have been funny.

But seriously. How is Tracer just completely all right, not wearing her accelerator in that comic? Did I missing something? I was under the impression she had to wear it at all times. Does she only have to wear it for, like, a certain period of time? Does she only need to put it on when she starts flickering in and out of the timeline? What? I legitimately noticed that, long before I noticed the actual subject of this article. I have so many questions about that, now. And it’s not like I didn’t already have a boatload of questions regarding how the devil she fits into the universe’s timeline. Because she shows up in some other pictures that it seriously seems like she shouldn’t be able to be in. Or can she legit time travel? Sigh. Whatever. I love Tracer, but lordy is she confounding.

Now seriously. Can we be done talking about it? Aside from all I’ve mentioned, it’s just already gotten old.

Anyway, that’s about all from me for today, people. I just haven’t had time to absorb much else this week, with the holidays right around the corner. I actually really, really wanted to just not write anything about this, but it was all I had to work with at the time. Sorry for the shortness. I know this barely qualifies as an article, but whatever works, right? As always, thanks for reading.

Keep up the awesome, and take care
Chris Voyage

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