Is It Evil? – Stories: The Path of Destinies

Well, I can’t review the next RWBY volume yet, and Gotham is still Gotham so… I’ll just write about Stories: The Path of Destinies. What is Stories? Well it’s one of the free games on PSN, this month, but before you dive in blindly, I’m sure there’s onquestion you want to know the answer to. How Evil is Stories: The Path of Destinies?

Stories follows the adventures of Reynardo – a fox with a talent for swordplay, and who is highly implied to have been a pirate. Reynardo accidently causes the death of a kid he was supposed to protect… whoops. The kid had a magic book that can show you 24 destinies, 25 if you unlock the four truths hidden in the endings. The four truths revolve around Lapino, an old friend of Reynardo; Zenobia, a cat who Reynardo is kind of crazy for; The Skyripper, an ancient supper weapon; and The Ibliss Stone, a gem of great power and corruption. Before you get any ideas about an awesome ending revolving around any of these items, there’s, uh… there’s something you should know. Almost every ending leads to a horrible death or the world being destroyed. The four truths lead you to the ultimate ending.

My impressions? The game is an action RPG with cool skills and enemies that seem to scale with your performance. The endings, while mostly kind of sucky, aren’t permanent thanks to the time traveling book… thing. I noticed that two of the endings are almost the same though. The Narrator is golden. He antagonizes you, and voices all the characters. And he does it well. But I do have one gripe. While the game is fun and interesting, it only stays that way for the first few visits to each level. Once you have explored everything, it kind of gets repetitive fast. The developers did add doors to make the levels shorter but after 5 times doing the same thing it gets boring.

With all that in mind what do I rate this game? I would say it’s not just evil… it’s joined the Dark Side.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time.

Keep It Classy People,
Evil Bob

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