Is It Evil? – RWBY | Volume 2

RWBY Volume 2 the sequel to the first volume. This volume sports new visuals that bring more life to the world itself. But around here we don’t care how lively things look. We just wanna know one thing. How evil is RWBY Volume 2?

The volume starts off by introducing Mercury and Emerald, the two goons seen with Cinder in the final scene of Volume 1. Watch after the credits. They kill a shop keeper cleaning up after Roman, so… that’s that. Next we cut to the beginning of Team RWBY’s second semester at Beacon. They discuss starting things off with a bang and then… someone pegs Yang with food. This, in turn, leads to the most epic food fight of all time. Team RWBY versus Team JNPR. After destroying the cafeteria, Goodwitch angrily puts it back together, so it’s all good.

Soon a flying warship arrives. It happens to belong to James Ironwood. Ironwood and Ozpin have a chat about… things. When Team RWBY ask what Ozpin talked to Blake about, she doesn’t say. But we get a flash back revealing he knows she’s a Faunus and he knows about her past. While on their way out, Team RWBY bumps into three new arrivals – Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald, all posing as foreign students.

Ruby, while digging for clues, runs into Penny, whom she hasn’t seen for almost a year. She ends up leaving Weiss to gather the information, while chasing down Penny. The chase ends in a surprise as Penny reveals herself as a robot. To make matters more complicated, she is with the Atlas military. Yang and Neptune go to see one of Yang’s “old friends,” Junior… you know… from the yellow trailer. Meanwhile, Blake and Sun infiltrate a White Fang meeting, only to later be chased by Roman, driving a Mech. After running by where Yang and Neptune are, the fight gets heated up. Ruby arrives, kicking off an awesome string of team combos, and capturing Roman… Sike. He gets away again. But they do destroy the mech.

Later, the classes at Beacon switches to training for the tournament, and the bad guys use this opportunity to gauge everyone’s abilities. Juan tries (and fails… unsurprisingly) to ask Weiss to the dance, completely oblivious to Pyrrha’s crush on him *cries*. Blake makes it known she will not be attending the dance because the White Fang could strike at any time. Yang realizes she hasn’t gotten much rest lately, and sets out to make her take a break. After a stern talking to, Blake calms down and agrees to go to the dance.

During the dance, Cinder hacks the main communications tower and successfully gets away from Ruby, who’d tried to stop her. After getting debriefed by Ozpin and James, Ruby lets slip a little of the intel they have gathered. She is then sent back to her team.  Ruby reveals that Ozpin confirmed their data. The next day is basically field trip day, and would you look at that, there is one mission conveniently placed where the data points to. So, duh, the that’s the mission they pick. The mission is a search and destroy, but it quickly becomes “stop Roman from destroying the city.” The guy’s like a roach. Really. The team fails to stop him, and ends up inside the city, fighting lots of grim. They get help from fellow students, leading to Roman’s arrest. The bad guys also help. You know. Appearances.

Okay, that was a lot of stuff. This Volume has even more than this but if I included all of it, this would ridiculously long. Go bug Chris for an article if you want every excruciating detail. =P So, what’s its rating? Well, graphical improvements aside, the story telling in this got much better. We have B, and even C stories accompanying the main story. Though the story’s still about as subtle as a nuke and you see pretty much everything coming a mile away. So I would say it’s about as evil as… a Killer Robot Army. That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me waste your time.

Keep It Classy People,
Evil Bob

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