Is It Evil? – RWBY | Volume 1

RWBY is a series created by the late, great Monty Oum of Rooster Teeth to pay homage to eastern animation. It’s an action/adventure, comdey series, with a lot of inspiration pulled from Grimm’s Fairytales. But you don’t care about that. You just wanna know the answer to the all important question. How Evil is Volume 1?

RWBY opens with a little narrated backstory. That’s followed by a robbery, being conducted by one of the series antagonists, Torchwick. He’s after something called Dust, but is foiled by the title character, Ruby Rose… well… kind of the title character. One of the title characters. Just go with me on this, all right? After chasing off the robbers, she meets Ospin and Glynda Goodwitch… okay, so Grimm’s Fairytales and a few other things. Ospin is the head of Beacon Academy, and instantly accepts Ruby into his school, shaving years off of her training, and making her Beacon’s youngest student. Yang, Ruby’s (confusing un-similar) sister starts Beacon the same day Ruby does, but has friends already there, so she abandons Ruby, who bumps into Weiss. After exploding in the courtyard, Blake enters the scene but walks away after royally pissing Weiss off. Granted, that’s not very hard to do. Weiss is… a little on the ill-tempered side. And by that I mean she’s a spoiled brat. A somewhat likable spoiled brat, but a spoiled brat nonetheless. Ruby meets Jaune Arc and the two become acquainted on their way to orientation.

The next day, the entrance test starts which includes landing strategies. Jaune has no clue what a landing strategy is and is saved by Pyrrha. Ruby and Weiss end up as partners while Yang and Blake are also partners. After a ridicules fight, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are grouped together into team RWBY. And now you get the title… which becomes incredibly confusing in later volumes, but we’ll get to that. After some Jaune backstory, we meet Penny. After the revelation that Blake’s a Faunus (an animal person. She has cat ears), she runs off and the team looks for her with Penny’s help. Blake finds Torchwick’s operation and things get crazy. Once the battle’s over, the team gets back to preparing for the Vytal Festival while Cinder is revealed as Torchwick’s superior.

Now for the fun part. The first arc, the entrance into the school, starts off slow but the volume picks up the pace during Jaune’s backstory and the actions stays consistent after that.  The story lacks in a few area’s and characters don’t feel fully realized. The backstory parts kind of save Jaune while also setting up Pyrrha as a mentor/love interest for him (cries).  Overall I’d say volume one is about as evil as a Henchman.

Well anyway thanks for letting me waste your time.

Keep it Classy People,
Evil Bob

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