Is It Evil? – Gotham | Season 1 | Arkham

This episode showcases the origins of the infamous sanitarium and the power struggle surrounding it. Do I even need to ask how evil Arkham is?

This episode begins with the much unwanted meeting between Gordon and Penguin. After an angry back-and-forth, Penguin and Gordon come to an… “arrangement.” Penguin will spy on Falcone’s rival, and give any juicy details to Gordon as “payment” for saving him, earlier.  After the deal, we meet a professional assassin, who promptly kills some of Falcone’s men, leading Gordon and company to investigate. During all of this mess, the Mob families are fighting for the land around the old Arkham Sanitarium, with the mayor supporting Falcone’s claim.  While the investigation is going, Fish begins looking for a human weapon. Back at the GCPD, an interrogation fails to produce fruit, leaving the cops grasping at straws until Enigma shows up with surprise evidence. The evidence also points to the killer working for both families. With the evidence in hand, Gordon finds where the assassin works his day job. However, he gets away. The Malone restaurant, where Penguin works, is attacked and robbed, leaving him as the only survivor. But he also saved some of the money, earning himself a promotion. With his newfound prestige, Penguin calls Gordon, and warns that the next target is the mayor, for obvious reasons. Gordon rushes to save the mayor, alone. An all-out brawl ensues until Gordon’s partner pulls his gun on the killer, giving Gordon a chance to get his gun out as well. The killer still tries to get the mayor, but is reduced to Swiss-cheese. The mayor agrees to a deal that gives even ground to both mobs, keeping the peace in Gotham for the time being. Arkham is scheduled to be rebuilt into the Asylum we all know and… love? However, at the close of the episode, Penguin reveals the attack at his workplace was his plan, and poisons the men he hired to carry it out.

Okay, I have to say the assassin was pretty cool. Fish I hate more, and more as the show goes on. Gordon… well he’s Gordon. Penguin is still, by far, the best written character in the show, and he keeps getting better. I would say this one’s about as evil as a Politician. The show’s actually getting better. I’m pleasantly surprised. But that’s all I have for you. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob

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