Galvanic Post – 11/12/16

Heya folks!

Chris, here. Just wanted to tell you guys about some of the cool stuff going on around here, in what I guess is the first official issue of the Galvanic Post? It’s a site news bulletin. No, not Bulletoon. Bulletin. With an ‘i’… so yeah.

First order of business. Thanks for bearing with us, here. We’re about ready to move, full swing, into our Beta Stage, which is essentially gonna be us proactively shopping the site around, getting actual feedback and whatnot on what we could add, take away, do differently, and just get the site all around ready for a broader opening. And for anyone that wasn’t aware we were only in our “alpha” phase… welcome? You get to bear the coveted honor of being first? I dunno. But that’s how things are, right now! We were primarily waiting on visual elements to come together so we could get the site to a presentable place for the beta stage. See? New site header! I’nit awesome? We have several people to thank for it, too! Check our special thanks section! So. What can you expect in the Beta Stage? I’m glad you asked!


Bulletoon Weekly is currently our primary focus. We’ve been trying, despite scheduling conflicts, conflicts of health, and technological mishaps, to get Bulletoon posted every Saturday by 10am EST. Has that happened? For the most part, yeah. There have been a few delayed episodes, and a couple missed weeks, but most weeks were accounted for. And we’re hoping to keep that trend going as we start to actually push the show a little more to increase its traffic, as well as the traffic around here. However, Bulletoon is only one show. It’d be rather odd if we had an entire website, with all these fancy features, dedicated solely to it. So of course, there’s more.

Starting this month, we’re going to be publishing new content, four days a week. Expect more articles, some collaborative gameplay videos, dubbed Galvanic Gaming, and of course your weekly dose of Rila and Riley! But why four days?  Well, two reasons… I mean… I know, three days, but… just go with me, here.

The days we’ll be taking off for the time being are going to be Sunday, Monday, and Friday. Yeah, I know. Sounds strange. The reason we’re taking off Monday and Sunday is more or less the same reason other people take Saturday and Sunday. It’s a break to create new content, more or less in bulk, as well as to rest. We’re not taking Saturday off because… well… obviously that’s when Bulletoon happens. But why are we taking Friday off? Well, friends, it’s because we’re saving Friday evenings for some really cool stuff that’s not quite ready yet. It’ll need a little more time in the oven, but I think you’ll really dig it when it finally rolls around. For the time being, the only thing rolling out on Friday will be the occasional Bulletwin Tales manga strip.

Every week until our next update, you can expect at least two articles, one Galvanic Gaming video, and one new episode of Bulletoon Weekly. And we will, of course, let ya know if there are going to be any issues with delayed installments of anything. Bulletoon, being a news show, is perhaps the most susceptible to scheduling problems, based solely on the amount of moving parts, and the lacking ability to build up a backlog of those.

To field a few questions:

Q: Are you still doing Super Smash Blast?

A: After the AM2R and Pokemon Uranium debacles? Weeell… no. Parody and Fair Use or not, we’re not really feeling like a battle with Nintendo. So Super Smash Blast will likely go unfinished. Sorry ’bout that, folks. We’re tiny enough that maybe it could get by for a little bit, but as the site grows, attention could fall on the older stuff, and we just don’t want the headache.

Q: Where are the Galvanic Highlights?

A: We’re aiming to just retool that into the collaborative gameplay videos I’d mentioned. Harder to justify videos of literally nothing but spliced together gameplay with no commentary or added value. That and I was pretty much the one overseeing that, myself, while it was going on. I realized that Overwatch gets incredibly stressful if I’m not playing with a buddy or buddies (because of teams who refuse to coordinate. Thanks, guys!) That said, the gameplay videos are more or less all going to be Overwatch, DC Universe Online, Rocket League, Dragonball Xenoverse (and possibly Xenoverse 2), and maybe a li’l God Eater (?) for a while because of limitations in the games we all collectively have. Eventually we’re also gonna look at getting PC’s so we can do some stuff there as well, because all of our videos for the moment are more or less restricted to the PS4 and whatever Steam games will run on a Mac. We’d looove to be able to do this with Nintendo games, as they’re our mutual favorite game company. Buuut… Nintendo is Nintendo. Sorry. We’ll find some sort of loophole, I’m sure. We are also looking at getting into streaming. That’s a fair ways off, though. Lots of elements to scrape together before that can become a reality. The plus side is that if and when we do start streaming, we’ll be in the clear for Nintendo games! Wanna see some Splatoon? How ’bout a little Smash Bros.? Mario Kart? All fair game.

Social Media

This is going to be an extremely gradual process throughout the site’s beta stage, but we’re going to be refining our social media ever-so-slightly. We’re finally going to actually activate the Facebook Page, and expand upon our usage of Twitter. There are no plans in the Beta stage to pursue much outside of those – Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We do have plans to go for those, just not yet. We have other cool ideas for those that’ll have to wait. And the odds of us ever actively using Tumblr are minimal because… I’ll be honest, we all just kind of equally loathe Tumblr and none of us are willing to bite that bullet. So if we don’t bring someone on board who’d also be willing to oversee that, it probably just won’t happen. Aaand then there’s Reddit. We’re planning to get into Reddit during this stage, but that’s obviously a less immediate process, so we’ll keep you posted on progress with that and we’ll let you know once we’ve established a subreddit for ourselves. Now. Here’s how this is gonna work. I, personally, run the site Twitter account. The Facebook account is run by EvilBob. Why is this? Because we want you guys to be able to interact with actual people, rather’n automated systems. So you’ll see me post my own musings and whatnot to the Twitter, every once in a while, and maybe be able to chat with Bob on Facebook. May also help you get a better feel for who we each are, individually. That’s the hope, anyway.

Conventions & Events!

So here’s the part I’m probably most immediately excited about. The Beta Stage is also going to involve us making a push to get to some conventions! Now, I have a rather important disclaimer, class, so pay attention. Ready? No panels, no booths. Not yet. Not even close. Those cost money. LOTS of money. In our current situations? We can afford tickets… s’about it. But we will be aiming to go, so if ya see us and wanna say hi, feel free! But, uh… spoiler alert. We’re kinda located in Florida (something that will be remedied at some point, and I apologize on behalf of all the sane people who live here) so that’s where the bulk of our convention-going will be centered, at least for a while. Also, we’re probably going to be able to make maybe one a year, provided all goes well. MegaCon is the most likely. We’ll keep you guys posted!


We’re opening up our Patreon! And what kind of rewards can you expect from our Patreon? Shout-Outs, Early Bird Previews, Signed Scripts, and more! Meanwhile, you’ll be helping us create awesome new content, which we can hopefully use to boost the cool things we’ll be able to do, not just for the site, but for our patrons!


Next let’s look at our schedule, going forward.

Tuesdays – Article(s)
Wednesdays – Galvanic Gaming
Thursdays – Article(s)
Fridays – Bulletwin Adventures, (more soon)
Saturday – Bulletoon Weekly

Site Maintenance

One thing I’m sure some of you have noticed is that the site is a tad wonky when it comes to text. You’re not imagining things. It’s apparently a feature on this site theme, when it comes to certain browsers. We can’t confirm whether it works this way on every browser, but Safari and Firefox definitely run into the problem. Meanwhile, Chrome is entirely free of it. So for now, the best browser to use with us is Chrome. When we have the cash to throw at it, we’re going to be upgrading the site a bit, which will include diving into the CSS to tweak the code that’s causing the issue. We already know how to fix it. It’s really just a money thing. There will be a few other little tweaks, as well. We’re planning on implementing some useful new widgets and features. As the site grows, we’ll totally look into getting a site not hosted by WordPress, as well. But for now, ya play in the sandbox you’ve got in your yard.


That’ll about do it, folks! This coming year is shaping up to be a pretty awesome one for us, I think. Hope you guys are along for the ride and have some fun with us. Are You Amped Up? Anyway, thanks, as always, for reading, folks.

Keep up the awesome, and take care,
Chris V.

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