Is It Evil? – Gotham | Season 1, Episode 3

Okay. So I took a break last time, but now I’m back to it. Now only one thing remains. How Evil Is Episode 3 of Gotham?

Summary time again. Penguin has returned to Gotham. Next scene! The corrupt Financier get air-lifted via weather balloon by an unknown assailant. Okay… I hope he wasn’t afraid of heights. Though suffocation isn’t exactly a pleasant way to go, either. Well, anyway, Gordon and company get called in to investigate, but most of the cops don’t have a problem with the balloon maniac. Good ol’ Gordon isn’t giving up, and investigates regardless. Selena proves she knows who killed the Waynes before escaping Gordon’s custody. Back at Wayne manner, Alfred and Bruce have a cane fencing match. The investigation is going nowhere until the maniac teaches a corrupt cop how to fly. The death of the cop sends the GCPD into a rage and the investigation is put on overdrive. Oh and Fish kills some of her own men again… so that happens. After a brief interrogation, Gordon learns there is one balloon left. The bodies start raining from the sky, causing at least one innocent death. After finding out the killer is the same social worker that dropped off Selena, Gordon and company corner the killer in his own hideout. After nearly flying to his death with the killer, Gordon and his partner subdue and capture him. With the case solved, Gordon returns home to relax with Barbara only to get an unexpected visit from Penguin.

First off, Fish… why is killing allies her answer for everything? I don’t see a justified reason behind this. Second. Penguin. I think he’s the scariest character, right now. I never thought a slim little guy like that could creep me out so much. Overall this episode was Henchman level at best. It seemed kind of like filler material to me. We had no real big character developments aside from a little more about Barbara. Gordon hasn’t changed from the first episode, and neither has his partner. Granted this is still episode 3, so that may change later on. Anyway thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob

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