Is It Evil? – Gotham Season 1 Episode 2

So. Gotham. Episode 2…  Still not entirely sure what I think about this show as a whole. Well, either way, I  guess there’s only one thought that matters. How Evil Is Episode 2?

First off, we see young Bruce using candle therapy to burn his hand. Alfred isn’t happy about that and scolds him accordingly. Next we see what looks like a food delivery truck delivering food to the homeless. And then the truck’s crew nabs a few people and kill one. Fun times for all! The murder brings good ol’ Gordon to the scene, who finds out homeless kids are being snatched off the streets. Meanwhile, Falcone puts Fish back in her place by beating up her boy toy. After an investigation montage and learning the nappers are selling the kids as food, Gordon and company find the nappers and save the kids. The Mayor decides the kids NEED foster care and orders them to be moved up north. Cat Woman disagrees, but gets on the bus anyway. Surprise! The nappers take the bus and all the kids on it.  Penguin shows up periodically to kill people and fail at extortion.  Gordon and company get a lead through the Good Cop, Phonebook-wielding Cop treatment… they beat the answer out of the guy with a phonebook. It’s weird. Is that a thing that happens?  Anyway, they find where the kids were taken. Cat Woman escapes by clawing someone’s eyes out. Um… Ouch! She’s cornered by the head Napstress, only to be saved by Gordon. Bruce buys all the kids new clothes and Cat Woman reveals she knows who killed the Waynes.

Okay so what do I rank this episode? Well, I want to start by saying for an already dark show, to throw in cannibals seems a bit of a stretch. It felt like the writers sat down and asked themselves “How can we make this even darker?” Other than that seeming a little forced to me, overall the episode is a solid Henchman. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob

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