Is It Evil? – Gotham | Season 1, Episode 1

Gotham – a series created to show us the origin stories of Batman’s villains… again. The show follows a younger James Gordon during his early days as a GCPD detective. So it’s a show about Gotham’s quintessential “good guy.” But I just wanna know one thing. How Evil Is It?

Because of the shows runtime I’ll review it one episode at a time…  I’m not lazy just busy. Really… Okay, maybe a little lazy… Well, anyway, on to the first episode.

The episode starts exactly as you might expect – poor Bruce getting orphaned by a gunman who shoots for no apparent reason… again. Only this time they ooze a lot more blood, and a young Cat Woman witnesses the whole ordeal. We then meet Gordon, who takes down a drug addict with ease before being sent to investigate the Wayne murders. Gordon promises Bruce he will find the killer,  then Alfred shows up to take young Bruce home. After being warned not to investigate without permission, Gordon… well, he’s Gordon. Of course he doesn’t listen, and a beat-up-the-thugs montage begins. All the investigating leads to guess who. Falcone. Gordon kicks the hornets’ nest a little too hard and gets caught.  This prompts his corrupt partner to try to save him, getting them both caught in the process. Falcone shows up to stop the cop killing because it’s apparently bad for business. He then orders Gordon to kill Penguin. Gordon fakes it and Penguin goes on a killing spree… I left out a lot of things but this is the important stuff. Now to give this episode a rank.

While I enjoyed this cop drama set in the DC universe so far. I was a bit confused on some things. I did like Gordon and how he dealt with the terrible situation he was in. Some of the plot points seemed a little forced to the point where the episode seemed to drag on. Overall, I say this episode is… Evil. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob

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