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Is it Evil?

Welcome to my First official post for Is It Evil (and on the site… at all). I’m just writing this to introduce to how I’ll do things once I post stuff.

Video games, films, tv shows, and anime.  None are safe from my criticism. Each item reviewed will be assigned a rank from 0 – 10. But these are no mere numbers. Oh no. These are titles. Around here you have to earn the honor of being called a Super Villain. So here I am to ask the most important question of all. Is it Evil?

0.(Garbage) Superhero!
The most unenjoyable pieces of crap I have ever seen.

1. (Almost Tolerable ) Upstanding Citizen
Not crap, but so close.

2. (Slightly Tolerable) Petty Criminal
Has some fun moments buuut…

3. (Better but…) Career Criminal
More fun moments, but still has some major flaws.

4. (Better) Henchman
Fun but incompetent.

5. (Watchable/Okay) Evil
Equal amounts of fun and stupid.

6. (Almost Enjoyable) The Dark Side
A lot of of fun to be had, but flaws hold it back.

7. (Enjoyable) Politician
An overall enjoyable experience with few flaws… So clearly not a real politician.

8. (Target Hit) Killer Robot Army
Like the name implies the fun times come in platoons, with very little to slow them down.

9. (World Domination) Villian
Near perfect with few flaws hindering it.

10. (Doctor Doom) Super Villian!
It’s Over… No one can stop it now.

And that’s it. Thanks for letting me waste your time, people.

Keep it Classy,
Evil Bob


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